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Friday, April 06, 2007

Understanding the Tao

Understanding the Tao is like trying to fit the ocean in a teacup

This article by the ever clever Scott Adams, reminds me of this post, Everything is Appropriate that I made to a website called Tao Bums ages ago. I hadn't looked at in a while, but it seems that since I have the article has inspired some civilised discussion.

I first saw the phrase 'everything is appropriate' back in the spring of 1998 when I walked into the office of a vegetarian hippy cafe, called Feedwell Cafe, on Greville Street in Prahran, Melbourne that I had just begun working at. The owner manager, a lovely older gentleman called Alan, had it scribbled on his white board. That was all he had on his whiteboard: Everything is Appropriate. I was struck by the apparent nonsense of this phrase and questioned it. Alan said nothing much about it, only that it was true. A chef present grumbled something about how 'it wouldn't be very appropriate if somebody walked into the cafe and began chopping off people's heads with an axe, would it', and thus a train of thought began in my mind that took a couple of years to resolve. This was just before the time that I started to explore meditation and Eastern philosophy, instead of just self-annihilation and hedonism (which I also kept up for a fair while afterwards though I must confess).

Anyway gotta go and push a wheelbarrow.

Flow like water...

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