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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Tao of Reading the Signs

Firstly, I am typing one handed today - you can get the background to that sorry state of affairs here at MooseMusic, my newer fledgling blog. (Yo'll come back now y'hear?)

Right, done with that?



So then I'm sitting at the kitchen table last night, self-medicating the pain away, when the phone rings. It is my boss from LivingNow magazine, Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth is not only a very successful entrepreneur, she is also totally spiritual. In fact she lets "Spirit" guide her business decisions everyday (and to great success too).

"Congratulations!" she said, giggling away. "You have manifested a very powerful sign!" She meant the snake crossing my path. "Now you must figure out what it meant. And you must not try to avoid "it" once you've figured it out - even if it is scary - because as you saw, it was trying to avoid the snake that resulted in your injury..."

So that my friends is what I am doing today - besides grumbling about my sore arm and reading other blogs - I am researching the symbolic meanings of the Snake in the various spiritual traditions and trying to figure out what it all means for me, what my great sign from the universe is (besides "watch out for snakes").

So far I only have small clues - I will come back with an answer soon...

Flow Like Water...

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