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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Tao of Broken Bones

As I have already reported, I fell off my bike and cracked my elbow bone on my *sob* birthday of all days. Not the end of the world but certainly a bump in the road that has lead to some introspection...

...and let's face it, some stroppy temper tanties on my behalf! The novelty of living life one-handed soon wears off, let me assure you. That goes for typing too!

But this morning's I Ching reading for myself was simply "39 Jian" which the book I use to interpret my results (I prefer a modern interpretation, which may make the purists groan and gnash their teeth) says is all about "obstruction, interruption of flow".

Indeed. Well, as I pointed out below, the popular call has been that my accident, while thankfully minor in terms of injuries, was heavy in symbolism, and in fact there are those who suggested that I have in fact manifested "a sign". (I recieved an excellent reading of the event from the astrologer, Stella Woods, who writes for LivingNow magazine - who I also write for - and I am just waiting for her permission before I post this here for disemmination.)

Anyway, it all falls into two categories: Meaning, and Response. I am going backwards here and dealing with the latter first.

What is the ZenBest response to the fact that my fitness regime has been blown out of the sky? That my music now has to be put on hiatus? That I can't tie my own damn shoelaces?

Patience. Contemplation. And turning the situation on it's head by looking for the inherent opportunity that lies in the situation.

More on this as it comes to hand (or should I say "elbow"? Hardy har)

UPDATE: I have written more scintilating one-handed blather about this subject here at my other blog

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