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Friday, October 06, 2006

Pedal-out-of-Debt Zen

I have twice recently opened my copy of "Zen in the Art of Mountain Climbing" by Neville Shulman randomly (as I do ... by way of asking for guidance from the universe) to find that I have opened to page 41 and that my eyes have landed on this paragraph:

"Ji refers to the technical aspects of a Zen art. Ri is the underlying principles of the universe, the universal truths, formless and unchanging. Ri denotes inspiration, whereas ji denotes skill. Now I will have to concentrate on the ji... (my emphasis)"

I have taken this as a sign that I need to concentrate less on ideas and more on action, on the details, on the skills and putting them to good use, of figuring out what the ZenBest thing to do is - the doing it as well s I can.

Some examples of how I have been putting Ji into effect in my "mountain climbing" are:
  • Result needed - I need to spend less money and pay off my debts. Ji skill - not drinking and estimating how much I would have spent on drinks during an evening out and putting this money onto my credit card debts the next day. And this also helps with the next item...
  • Result needed - Lose "spare tyre" around waist. Ji skill - riding my bicycle to work, which takes an hour either way. This also helps me save about $50 a week on LPG (gas fuel). It would save me more if I was silly enough to drive a petrol car ;)
Flow Like Water...

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