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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Come as you are | Salon Life

Come as you are | Salon Life

Dudes, there are few areas where I let pre-formed prejudice taint my vision. What I mean to say, is usually I steer well clear of judgement: live and let live, etc., etc.

But a childhood partially destroyed by the Born Again Church, the evil barstards, leaves me gritting my teeth (if only for a minute before I forget about it and turn my attention back to beauty of the Life Unchained) when I read things like this article.

Look, so they might be 'edgy'; so they might let you listen to secular rock music and get tattoos etc. So what - I'd put money on these guys being bigoted manipulative arseholes any day of the week. The Born Agains that sucked my parents in when I was a kid played the same hand. "Rock n Roll is ok!" they cried, "Long hair is fine!" they shouted, fake smiles stretching from ear to ear. Whatever, a bigot is a bigot in my book. Down with the lot of them.

Steer clear my friends, or don't say I didn't warn you.


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