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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Morning Moose

Warning: Rambling, self-indulgent, probably totally boring, what-I-had-for-breakfast type post ahead...

Excellent, it is 10:30am and I am still in my jim-jams. Sweet.

Ok, where were we? Oh that's right, talking about ME. So, I have been flapping around like a flappy-thing lately since the meditation workshop. Actually I have been mainly preoccupied with my job at LivingNow magazine, which I am happy to say I am finding both challenging and satisfying at the moment, and with playing my guitar and writing new songs. I recently posted about receiving a sign from the Universe to get back into my music more seriously, in fact as my number one priority. So once I had the meditation workshop, which was a challenge for me to pull off, I have been mostly sitting with my Maton electric-acoustic practicing, and also jamming (weird though it sounds) with my uncle, Tony. Not many people can say they are starting a band with their uncle right? Well, I am. Cos he is a dude, with way cooler hair than me, who rips it up on the bass, and has some sweet toys to boot, including a prototype Maton electric guitar which I get to rock out on - sweet!

I used to plan a lot, but recently, according to the principles of Contemporary Taoism, and in accordance with my more recent Rebel Zen epiphany, I have pretty much abandoned planning in favour of just spontaneously doing whatever the hell I like. Therefore anything I say today about 'what it is I am doing or going to do' may (as the few regular readers of this blog could attest) be obsolete a day, week or month down the track. Having said that, and safe in the knowledge that at least one person I know really loves lists, here is one of my occasional, no particular order, mostly-for-my-own-benefit, lists of:

'What it is I am doing or going to do'

  • Music - first and foremost. For a while there I was putting writing and meditation teaching and website/blog stuff and work ahead of this but, as I said, signs from the Universe and all that. Frankly, I am fucking excited again about my music. I actually believe in it again which is nice.

  • Getting pretty into my job. Learning lots and generally digging the challenge and the people.

  • Working up a new blog, as it happens, which I will tell you about soon enough.

  • Getting the odd phone call about meditation workshops but not really knowing when I am going to do another one. I guess I will decide that soon enough, but I don't feel the need to push this right now. Meanwhile, if you're in Melbourne (Australia) and you want to go to a meditation class, you could contact my mates Matt from the Melbourne Meditation Centre, or Paul from Meditation Solutions. These two dudes are not only nice blokes who have been really welcoming (and tolerant) of me and my sporadic, 'frivolous' forays into the local non-guru style meditation scene, but are also far more professional (i.e. they actually are professionals) than I am.

  • Intending to record a CD of my best tunes. More on that soon, but meanwhile or alternatively...

  • Intending to record a meditation CD. More on that soon, but meanwhile...

  • Intending to do some more gigs. I have one booked in for Adelaide at The Grace Emily supporting my mates Brillig. September 22 I think. Mum'll be stoked.

  • Supposedly writing two new novels at once. Both of them are half, nay, quarter, way through the first draft, but I haven't done much about them lately. Must do though...

  • New "Contemporary Taoist" article coming out each month in LivingNow magazine. September will see the last of my backlog of articles that I wrote all in a flurry a while back, so I'll have to write some more of them soon. Also will get around to uploading the old articles to the web soon for your reading pleasure...

  • Wondering what the hey to do with the one novel I have 'finished'. I will rewrite it one last time very soon and then will probably (but not sure) a) submit it to a few publishers b) failing that self-publish, or c) turn it into a "blook" which frankly, excites me a little, but that's probably because I am both as prone to the seductions of the fad as the next dork down the road and also impatient and generally wary of the corporate world.

  • Submitting some of my short stories around to see if I can break the situation of having only had my non-fiction published, and in one (admittedly fine) publication.

Anyway I am bored of writing this post now so bye and have a nice day and if you got to the bottom of this post then really, you probably need to get out more, as do I, hence Dude the dog staring at me with -goddamn-it-you-fat-bartsard-take-me-for-a-walk-eyes.

Flow Like Water...

Check out my meditation website

Download my free music here.


Anonymous pippa said...

That was a beautiful list. Here are a couple of lists for you:

-fresh raspberries
-banana yoghurt
-toasted muesli

things i'm going to do today
-have a couple of drinks at work
-watch my friend Juha's band Urpa ja Anakonda play

9:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you the post and the meditation site.

5:21 pm


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