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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Top Ten Signs You Are A-OK

1) You aren't a puritanical health-nut, but sometimes you have a go at it (or at least fantasize about it).

2) You experience mood swings, sometimes wild ones, and have been known to completely lose it from time to time.

3) You sometimes, or consistently, do things that might be considered (by the puritanical) to be "unhealthy", but which undoubtedly bring you great pleasure.

4) You sometimes worry about the future.

5) You don't always worry about the future enough to "prepare" for it as much as some say you should.

6) You sometimes do things you later regret.

7) You are sometimes very lazy and un-motivated.

8) You have an intense desire to love a significant other.

9) You have an intense desire to loved by a significant other (and by everyone else too).

10) You have intense desires.

How did you score?

Whatever you score, you pass :)

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10 out of 10.

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