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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tao of Sex

One Simple Trick to Supercharge Your Sex Life.

I just read this very frank, brave post here from Steve Pavlina about Sex.

Some really pertinent points, especially about the tendency of your sex life to mirror the state of the rest your life. I have found this be very true.

If Steve had the comments function turned on, I would advise him to shy clear of the swinging, but that's just me. Fidelity is a very powerful relationship glue. If it ain’t broke, why mess with it? But then what the heck do I know about his situation beyond the information he has given. Further, what do I really want to know?

Urggh... It is easy to see why I usually steer clear of posting about sex. Yeesh! The funny thing is, one of the search terms that brings the most traffic to this blog is for the "Tao of Sexology" some book that I once linked to but forget now. I can't even be bothered Googling it to make a link here - but I have had a lot of experience trying out Taoist lovemaking techniques and they are in fact very effective. The proponents of these techniques allow their instructions to get a bit complicated though, when really the only actual 'secret' is that there is one simple trick to it all.

Fellas, here is how to supercharge your love-life in one simple easy step:

Save Your Sperm.

Practice NOT ejaculating every time you have sex. That is not to say never blow your load again, but lay off the masturbation and try cutting back to cumming every second, then every third time you have sex. You will thus open the doors to a whole world of fun, and your lady (or man) friend will respect you as the rock solid super-stud you always knew you were! What's more, you will discover, not just hers, but YOUR potential to have multiple orgasms.

And if you are having trouble with, you know, rising to the occasion, then take it from someone whose been there and "come" out a winner ... lay off the booze and drugs for a while, de-stressify yourself somehow, and DON'T cum for several days at least before your next roll in the hay, and then when the big moment arrives, RELAX.

Chances are that'll sort you out mate ;)

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Blogger Lady Wordsmith said...

Sadly, it probably speaks poorly of me that when I finally decide to comment on one of your posts it is this one. (Gladly, I can say that I didn't find my way to you via a "Tao of Sexology" link.)

However, your belief that "your sex life to mirror the state of the rest your life" held me. I too have been coming to this awareness. Even to the point of a current embrace of celibacy. Not to shun the love and energy born of sex, but rather to better embrace it. Rather along similar lines as your suggestion to fellows interested in 'supercharging'.

I know you are loath to delve more into posts about sex and sexology. And I am not certain that my question is necessarily a request for more of that either.

I would love to learn more of what you have come to know (no pun intended - well, maybe a wee bit of intention) about the gains to be had but not 'having any' so to speak.

Thanks for the thought and time. Ever yours ~Lady

12:11 pm

Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

Frankly my dear, I have found very few gains to be had in 'not having any', besides those mentioned in the post. Otherwise, I've always been of the mind that more is more.

4:21 pm


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