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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tao of the Peaceful Warrior Movie

"The Way of the Peaceful Warrior", by Dan Millman, was one of the books that helped to change my life, or rather helped me to change my life.

It was written in 1973, the year I was born, but I had never heard of it until around the time I was starting to experiment with meditation and the like. It had a huge impact on my thinking. So it was with some excitement that I noticed a banner ad today that proclaimed the coming of a movie version! For once – I clicked!

Peaceful Warrior stars Nick Nolte as the enigmatic Socrates and a very fine piece of casting that is too; he is very much like the image I had of Socrates in my head when reading the book.

Strange the way things come around. Last month I was over at my ex-girlfriend's house for dinner (she and my present love are bestest buddies these days!) and I noticed the actual copy of the book that I had read all those years back on her shelf. I got a bit excited because I had been meaning to go pick up a copy as the manuscript I am currently working on is not entirely dissimilar in theme and I wanted to re-familiarise myself with it. So I borrowed it that evening. It sat on the coffee table with all the other books that await my attention (I can never seem to catch up with everything I want to read!) until the other day my girl picked it up and began to read it herself (much to my satisfaction as I have a hard time convincing her of the worth of the majority of the stuff I read).

The good news is she has been enjoying it, so I have been seeing the book every day, gently removing it from her fingers when she falls asleep reading each night.

And now - voila! There's a movie! I hadn't much thought about the book in years! Trippy!

If you haven't read it, give it a read before you go see it lest the movie do what Ron Howard and his buddies did to the quite passable (in my opinion, despite some cringe-worthy clichés etc.) The Da Vinci Code. The film version was just so totally lame compared to the excitement of the book. Thankfully it starred the very cute Audrey Tautou which was at least compensation for the disappointment!

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