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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tao of the Marijuana Blues (Part One)

I was surfin' around ye olde webola and I came across this post about depression.

I can so relate to what this person is going through. I have been there more than once. A number of commenters pointed it out already, but it seems worthwhile mentioning that the article's original poster doesn't seem very aware that the root cause of their depression is not the boredom with his or her job/life etc, nor the numbness they feel, but with their pot abuse.

Let me qualify before continuing: I am not claiming that I never smoke pot anymore* but that I have long since stopped smoking it everyday.

You can't smoke pot all the time and expect not to suffer side-effects. It took me years to admit this. As a young kid fresh out of school I was full of beans and motivation. So were my friends. Then we started smoking pot all the time and - hello! - we all turned into whinging scatterbrains. Several years went by before I realised that the reason I was never getting anything done, was feeling depressed and confused and just totally underwhelmed was because I was smoking so much pot.

"Duh!" I hear your girlfriend mutter from the study where she is busying herself getting a second university degree while you sit and pull bongs and wonder why the hell this cruel world doesn't recognise your genius yet.

Below (separate post - Part Two) is something I wrote before I stopped smoking pot all day every day. If you read through anything I have written lately you will see that there is a huge difference between my state of mind now and how I felt back then. Notice also how I did not associate the depression I felt with the fact that I had a pot habit. I would have denied the link at this time. I would have blamed this heartless world for rendering me lost in a meaningless forest of despair, or something wordsome like that. But the truth was I was damaging my natural ability to get the most out of this wonderful opportunity that is Life...

*I still say yes to the odd puff at a party on the weekends, but to be honest this isn't working for me very well. I enjoy the feeling at the time, but the next day my emotional balance tends to be off. I find that hydroponic weed, as opposed to bush-bud, is particularly guilty of causing this (and other) side effect(s).

Regardless of the distinctions between the two types of weed, I pretty much assume that I will continue to smoke less and less until I don't smoke anymore at all. That's the plan anyway.

Flow Like Water...

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