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Monday, June 26, 2006

Tao of Five Weeks.

I am a little nervous. It would probably be wiser (or at least safer) not to set myself up like this ... but here goes:

As of yesterday I am starting another five weeks no drinking and recommitting to the 5:11am meditation and exercise routine. Mostly the drinking thing is pretty easy (but for a glass of red on a chilly winter evening, that I will miss). But I think it is needed. I have been quite the happy little hedonistic Taoist the last few weeks and it is time to give myself a chance to detox a little.

Kristiina wrote me a letter asking me if I was still doing the 5am up-and-at-em routine and the short answer was 'no'. It is just so cold here in Melbourne, and at that time of course, pitch black, so the temptation to sleep 'late' (7am) is almost irresistible. Couple this with late nights spent rockin' in the free world and whoops! There goes my commitment to make it through the winter without getting all fat and lazy.

What was that word? Oh, commitment ... that's right. I publicly made a commitment to get my arse out of bed every weekday morning at 5:11am and do my meditation, chi gung, and exercise routine - because I know it makes me feel great.

Don't get me wrong, I am not upset or disappointed in myself. I can't be bothered with that - Tao is as Tao does I always say. So, no, I am not giving myself a hard time about slacking off, I am just recommitting to get busy with the morning routine again. I look at the last couple of weeks as kind of like a half-time rest.

The days are getting longer again now, we've survived the winter solstice. Before we know it spring'll spring back into our lives and all my US readers will be cursing my name as I describe how fab I am looking, sitting at the cafe in the warm Aussie sunshine in my t-shirt (because I made myself exercise MOST of the winter!)

Wish me luck!

Flow Like Water...

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