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Friday, June 23, 2006

Tao Blog, Taoist Blog, or Taoism Blog?

Little Tao was walking by the pond with his friend Big Tao. As they strolled along, Big Tao couldn't help but think how Little Tao was usually very talkative, but today he was quiet.

'Is something on your mind Little Tao? You are being very Zen.'

'What do you mean by Zen?' asked Little Tao.

'Mu,' said Big Tao.

'What?' muttered Little Tao.

'Just Kidding, Little Tao,' Big Tao said, grinning at his Zen joke. 'But seriously, what is on your mind?'

'Well I was thinking of starting a blog,' said Little Tao.

'Great? About Taoism?' asked Big Tao.

'Yes, but...'

'But what, Little Tao?'

'Well I am confused about what to name it.' Little Tao scowled as he kicked a pebble. It flew into the air and fell with a splash into the pond. Big Tao smiled to himself as he watched the ripples circle outwards from where the rock had broken the surface of the water.

'Do you have any ideas?' he asked.

'Yes,' said Little Tao. 'I have three possible names: Tao Blog, Taoist Blog, or Taoism Blog. Which do you think is the best, Big Tao?'

Little Tao had been so preoccupied that he had not noticed Big Tao creep up behind him and next thing he knew he was sailing through the air towards the water.


'There is your answer, Little Tao,' said Big Tao, standing by the edge of the pond laughing. Little Tao laughed also as he swam to the edge of the pond.

'Thank you, Big Tao, I knew you would help me find the answer!'

Question: What did Little Tao call his Blog?

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Blogger Becca said...


i like this, it is sweet and simple, short yet says so much :)

thank you for that.


11:13 am

Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

Thanks Becca - you're too kind.

But what did Little Tao call his blog??? Hu???

2:28 pm


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