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Monday, May 29, 2006

Tao of Writing

I have been getting busier and busier and have been slightly horrified to notice my writing getting less and less attention. I have been writing my articles for the magazine, but they are all done know for the next couple of months at least, so I am turning my writing guns back to face my two novels in progress.

Two? I hear you exclaim! Yes, two - three actually if you count my 'finished' manuscript which is still waiting in the wings for one last big re-write before I get it published. So yeah, what with meditation workshops, websites, a day job, a monthly column, my musical pursuits, a body that demands exercise, and a life that I have to squeeze in somewhere the novel writing has been getting the short shrift.

But never fear - let's get on with it. I have already completed about a quarter of both the first drafts. The question is should I keep dabbling on both of them at once or should I push one through. Even though it hurts me to leave one of my babies neglected, I think I am going to have to choose the latter option. So to give myself a bit of encouragement I am joining NILTOY - Novel In Less Than One Year which should help. Through this I have also raised an interested eyebrow at The Snowflake novel planning model but I am not going to look at that today as it is a bit math-esque and I have spent the entire last two and a half days wading knee deep in CSS and HTML and I am over the left brain shit for now (or is that right brain? Eh, who cares!)

October is the plan with these Niltoy dudes, so great! Let’s go! My 33rd birthday is in October - what a nice present to give myself - a second finished (first draft of a) fiction manuscript.

Flow Like Water...

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Blogger jim said...

I probably shouldn't be leaving this note, seeing as you are so busy as you describe, and it is amazing, 33, so much energy, magnificent young man, keep it flowing, get the most out of it, seriously, you will have to slow down some day, so now, at 33, enjoy it and don't waste it on friviolity, you will for sure recieve the rewards of time well spent and energies utilized for goodness. My best to you, don't get up to reply, just keep busy with your real work, I just stopped by for a minute. See ya later.

7:46 pm

Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

Thanks Jim

I actually do stay pretty chill, even while getting a lot done.

As for rewards, the biggest reward for me would be to get to do what I love without having to hold a day job - even a nice one like I am lucky enough to have right now.

But really, I am sooooooo not complaining, don't get me wrong - we are lucky people. I only hope we can help others somehow through what we do.

7:54 am


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