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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tao of Thinking

I have been doing my affirmations each morning in the car, which leads me to a funny story...

I was driving to work yesterday, trying to get my affirmations done. I open my folder and place it on the passenger seat and as the traffic is usually so heavy I read a new line every time the I have to stop and then repeat it a couple of times. This has been a great help in alleviating the boredom of the stop-start traffic blues right?

Yesterday for some reason the traffic was really light and I was hardly having to stop at all, just for the odd traffic light here and there. This would usually make me happy as Larry, but for just one moment I got slightly annoyed because I wasn't geting through my affirmations and work was rapidly approaching. I didn't actually articulate this thought, and indeed I think I was just formulating the counter-thought 'oh well, I'll just do them in the car before going into the office,' when...

I turned the bend and there it was, miles of bumper-to-bumper go-nowhere traffic jam. Road works. It took me twenty minutes to cover the next stretch that usually takes me two!

You have to be careful what you think!

I am now making a habit of catching all the negative things that I say to myself and transmuting them into positives. Once your reticular activating system is looking out for the nasty thoughts, it is surprising how much self-defeating crap we (me anyway) tell ourselves from moment to moment.

Anyway, speaking of work, got to fly - or rather...

Flow Like Water...

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