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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tao of Rest

One thing (I realised afterwards) that was funny about yesterday's post was that I forgot to mention that, because I have been quite ill with a headcold, I have not over the last few days been very attentive to my super-duper morning routine (outlined in yesterday's entry). Basically I woke up on Sunday with a cold and the 5:10am routine went out the window. It came back in the window this morning now that I am feeling much better thanks.

A Contemporary Taoist knows when to rest. You have to listen to your body. It would have been counter-productive to be trying to jog, build muscles etc. when I was all flubbered up with snot and a fever. Same goes for work. If it is not going to have dire consequences, then it's better to 'chuck a sickie' (as we say in Australia). I used to be one of those masochists who would go to work even if I was half dead with the flu, but no longer. It's a stupid thing to do.

Australian's look out for May's edition of LivingNow magazine. It should be hitting the streets about now. I have an article in it lifted from this blog called 'The Tao of Cats and Dogs'. I hope those of you who can get a copy of the mag enjoy it. For the rest of the (breathlessly waiting) world I will re-post the article in question once the month is history.

Flow Like Water...

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