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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tao of Five Things - Affirmations, Goals, Plans and Achievements.*

I took the day off today due to persistent and yucky head cold, so I took the chance to update my Goals and Affirmations Folder. Actually, I renamed it my Goals, Plans, Affirmations and Achievements Folder. Long enough title for ya? ;)

I basically run off a Five Things System. Personally I tried 43 Things but I get muddled easy so I like to keep all my plans real real simple.

Anyway - here is how I set it out and work it (baby).

The first page is my Morning Routine: Get up 5:10am (avoid 5am news broadcast - too early for that crap), Sitting Chi Gung Meditation, with Ideal Scenario Visualisation in the middle (after Stillness). That probably all sounds like gobbledegook but we’ll have to leave explanations for another time. Then I do some standing Chi Gung. Then some jog-specific stretches. Job. Push Ups. Stomach Crunches. Leg Lifts. Stretch Down. Go over goals folder and read affirmations aloud. Write down today’s Things To Do List. Breakfast at about 7:30am. Might sound a bit hardcore but actually all very enjoyable.

The second page is Main Career Goals, divided into 2 year goals, 5 year goals, and ten year goals.

Third Page is Five Things To Do Today: one thing each from the next five categories. I’ll come back to this point...

1) Writing Career Plan
2) Music Career Plan
3) Personal Growth Career Plan
4) Health, Happiness and Misc. Plan
5) Money Skills Plan

These are all just one page each and are divided into Two Years Goal, and Next 90 Days Plan.

Then I have a page that I just lists skills that I want to learn one day (piano, French, that kind of stuff).

Next three pages are my affirmations: I am healthy and happy, I help other people be healthy and happy, etc. Next comes my Ideal Scene Creative Visualisation. It’s very important to do both of these. If you don’t know what I on about then read Creative Visualisation and anything by Marc Allen. There are plenty of other authors who are into this as well. I can tell you that since I started doing these a few years ago my life has changed utterly and for the better. I’m talking the big stuff too: house, car, beautiful partner, happiness, health, recovery from depression, the list goes on. I will write more on these soon I think, they are a useful tool in the Contemporary Taoist's survival kit Dudes!

One of my affirmations is recited as part of the Million Dollar Experiment. Why not join in?

That’s it! A lucky 13 pages with not much writing on any of them - except the affirmations – I have a fair few of them (and I'm always thinking of more). It will soon be 14 pages cos I am going to add an Achievements page to list milestones as I tick them off - but I am not going to populate it with old stuff, just the big stuff from here on.

Just quickly back to the Five Things every day. I focus on one thing from the ninety day plan of each of my five main plans pages – the one thing that moves me forward the furthest. Sometimes this is as simple as a phone call or an email. Sometimes it means hours of work. But once they are done – the rest of the day is candy. I can do what I want. Like this blog!

I use five things but that’s just what works for me. I just think what matters is to keep it simple and not get overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the totally massive things you are going to do to improve your life and make this world a better place for everyone.

That is what you’re going to do right? You can do it all you know, just chill, and...

Flow Like Water...

*Hey wait! That's four, right? Sorry - different five things! You'll have to read the article above.

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Blogger frog philosopher said...

Wow, I wish I could get things that organized and be as disciplined as you are about what I do in life. You're inspirational!

9:05 am

Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

Thank you Froggy!

Might I make a suggestion? If you want to get organised and disciplined then the first thing to do is to choose your words carefully. Rather than saying 'I wish I could get organised and disciplined', try 'I am organised and disciplined'. It sounds a bit out there, but it is widely accepted that your subconcious goes along with what you say. Try repeating to yourself a few times a day (especially when you catch yourself saying the opposite) 'I AM organised and disciplined'. If you do you will eventually noticed that it starts to become reality.

I used to be totally disorganised and undisciplined - and it is still a work in progress - but making the shift began with the affirmation.

10:28 am


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