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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Tao of Increasing Strength

Happy to report that I did rise at 5am and get to it with the meditation/Chi Gung and exercise (jogging, push ups, sit ups). And it felt great.

Just so as not to give the impression that I am (always) one of those freakishly disciplined people that most of us can only aspire to being like, I must point out that if you were to go over my past you would find many many more periods of my life where I was more inclined to self-medicate myself into a coma, and then stay asleep until late into the morning. Thankfully this is becoming less of a lasting pattern in my life, and indeed I am currently going through a very strong patch self-discipline-wise. I have every intention of remaining in this state.

I am actually working through the program suggested by Jost Sauer in his brilliant book ‘Higher and Higher’. I suggest you read it, especially if, like me, you have struggled (or still do) with substance abuse issues. It is a Chinese Medical/Philosophy take on the issue and is based on his own experiences as a drug addict, and subsequent recovery. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

During my morning’s Chi Gung meditation I enjoyed very vivid ‘Chi-Scenery’, that is I very clearly saw the movement and permeations of the primordial energy with my mind’s eye. This is because I have been off the booze, etc for over two weeks and practicing Chi Gung every day. Clarity – it is a sweet, sweet thing. Here's to the (very bearable and pleasant) Lightness of Being.

I did a ‘general guidance’ I Ching reading this morning and received 34 Da Zhuang – The Power of the Great, Increasing Strength, with a changing Hexagram of 14 Da You – Abundance. Sweet! Now I must go and get to work taking advantage of what is obviously a great day for me in terms of strong energy and plentiful opportunity.

Oh, and Australians, look out for the April edition of Living Now Magazine, as I have an article in it called 'The Science of Meditation'. The (paper) magazine is available in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA. I will most likely see to it that this article (in its newly edited form) is available online when the month is up.

Flow Like Water...


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