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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tao of Impending Invasion?

The thing that I really do love about the I Ching is not only its seemingly magical ability to give exact or highly relevant 'answers' to problems, but also the way it is often very challenging. For example, if you had a behavioural issue - some habit you knew was bad for you in some way - and you were to ask the I Ching what you should do about it, the chances are the answer would not be a soft one. I have found that the I Ching is more likely to hold you to account, to give it to you straight - change or suffer the consequences sonny. Believe me; I have been on the receiving end of that one many times.

But apart from giving you honest reality checks, the oracle often will take you by surprise, causing your outlook towards a problem or your day to require re-assessment. This morning, for example, I did a 'general advice/vibe for today' kind of reading. Given that I have a day off and no intention of leaving the house whatsoever (I want to stay home and write) I was a little miffed by the result: 13 - Fellowship, Gathering in the Field, and a progressive hexagram reading of 45 - Gathering Together, Community.

As yet I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I will be clearer on that by the end of the day. Perhaps my space is going to be invaded by a posse of friends or I'm going to get a call to go out or maybe it's something to do with the online community.


The truth is I just want to be left alone today to read, write, meditate, play my guitar, etc. But maybe this reading is telling me that I would benefit from reaching out today.

I'll ponder this, wait, most likely do nothing about it, and see what happens. I'll check in later and give you an update...


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