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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tao of Now!

Wow, dudes, wow.

I have been having an amazing time of it lately. I have been busy, wanting to get a chance to blog, but too much going on.

Sometimes, life is all about putting out, everything seems to be sucking the energy away from you, and you seem to have no choice but to give. Then, things turn, just like that. I am glad to say (who wouldn't be?) that for the last while - in fact the whole summer really - things have been incoming, so to speak.

Let me take a moment to list some great stuff that has been going down in the Contemporary Taoist's world lately.

1) Okay, so first off, Living Now magazine published this blog's title article 'The Contemporary Taoist'. That in itself rocked my world.

2) Then a lovely lady from a pretty darn bona fide publishing house contacted me (via the editor of Living Now - which didn't exactly make me look bad!), saying she'd read the article and could she please read my novel.

How is that for out of this freakin' planet?

Let me tell you, from the viewpoint of a writer floatin' around in how-do-I-get-published-land, it is very very very exciting, no matter what the end result.

3) Then I get an email from a Canadian writer's co-op saying they liked my short story and may well be publishing it in a book they are putting together.

4) I got a High Distinction for my first university assignment.

5) My beautiful partner's father just up and buys us a piano! I have always wanted one!

6) I think briefly about asking Living Now if they need some help around the office and then get a group-mail email putting out the call for just that. So I rock up today, say g'day - and am absolutely stoked with the vibe. Just wonderful. I must have really wanted the job (for once) because I was actually nervous, which is not usually an issue for me.

They take time out for a staff meditation/chanting session - now that is my kinda work place!

7) Today I posted my work off to the publisher. That took a lot of work, and was a reward in itself, whatever the outcome (which I intend to be fabulous - of course!).

Doggone it; I could go on, but things to do.

I hope this all doesn't come across as a big, fat-headed gloat - I just needed to thank the Universe for all of the good things - and this is my way of doing it.

So Thank You, Beautiful Universe!

And may some joy and excitement come your way too my friend.

Flow Like Water


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