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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tao of Internet Possibilities.

Today I am grinding through an assignment for the online university course I have started this year. It is a BA (internet studies) and I am so far finding it both challenging and rewarding.

I find the potential that the internet/www offers us all amazing. For example, I have written a book, it combines many 'genres' (or rather, subjects), one of them being Taoism. Now, I intend to get it published and out into the marketplace, one way or another. This of course, has been made so much easier by the internet; it is common knowledge that if one cannot get a 'reputable' publisher interested (which hopefully I will) then one can inexpensively self-publish, and also sell direct to internet users all over the world through Amazon, lulu, etc etc.

But the question remains - how to reach an interested audience?

Well, in preparation I have been making a mental list of ways to market my book (or music, or special Taoist meditation socks, it doesn't matter what) and there really are so many ways. Little ways. For example, I was just flicking through the results for the word 'Taoism' in the Yahoo directory of Discussion Boards - there are a lot of people out there talking about the Tao! Now, I like adding my two cents worth here and there, and in doing so viola! I spark (some) interest in who I am and what I have to offer, and some people (some, NOT all) will follow my link, and some (NOT all) will read/purchase/download/listen/look etc what I have to offer. I believe this is sometimes called micro-marketing or narrow-casting (but I am not that up on marketing-speak so this could be wrong). Anyway, I already do this from time to time to attract traffic to my websites, and it definitely works.

Suffice to say, I am very excited about my little supernatural thriller. It features a Taoist hero with the ability to turn invisible, fly, and shoot chi out his palms - who wouldn't get excited about that? ;)

Yeah Baby! I am totally looking forward to 'getting it out there' into the hands of the reading public!

But now I must get back to work on my assignment.

Flow Like Water...


Blogger Bluestar said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks good.

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