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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Contemporary Koan

Here's one that has been puzzling me for ohhh, about twelve seconds now...

Open up a fresh word processing document and type the letter 'S' (or 'P' or '8' or any single character - it doesn't matter).

Now delete it.

Now type it in again.

Is this second character the same as the first?

I mean is it THE same character?

What are typed characters composed of anyway? (ok so this is probably more of a tech question than a koan but anyway ... )

Where did the first character go when you deleted it? Did the first character disappear and then reappear again or did it disappear and then get replaced with an entirely new version of the same character?

Even if this line of meditative enquiry does not lead you to enlightenment, you should at least, after a few minutes, hours or weeks of contemplation, come to the obvious conclusion that I have been a busy little author working day and night on his novels for the last week or so (which is why I haven't been posting much - posting comes in cycles, as does all within the Tao ... maaaan.)


Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

I know you lot are lurking around out there - hello, statcounter - but yet you do not take the time to say anything - I guess you all really must be enlightened Taoist gurus who have moved beyond the need for any discourse whatsoever - Tzu's one and all!


1:40 pm


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