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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Zen in the Art of Bookstores

fun list of books


Blogger Zataod said...

Thanks for the link. I've always wondered if there was a list like this somewhere.

Someone once said that Christianity would be dead when Jesus started selling used cars. The idea being that using important religious figures to promote the most secular of activities diminished the power of those religious entities.

I wonder what the over-use of the "Zen" term has done to Zen itself. On one hands, it's brought people to Zen, but it has diminished Zen in the process.

1:39 am

Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

On the other hand again it is kind of hard to diminish something that is so self-confident in itself as to scoff at any notion of needing reassurance or caring what anyone else thinks about it.

I think Zen is fine - and y'know there is Zen for real and then there is Zen for the rest of us out here in the popular wasteland that is Googleworld, the latter will always be fairly impotent compared to the power of the genuine article.

Every little bit helps - if a Zen-lite book helps some right wing suit to chill out and get a handle on a more healthy perspective then this is a good thing surely?

8:37 am


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