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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

True Self

"Only when you start to apply Tao, can you truly understand Tao."

"eliminate distinction, goodness or badness, comparison, likeness or unlikeness, and ... act according to one’s True Self."

"Heaven does not stop progressing. Inspired by it, a noble man will never stop advancing."

"There is no more the True-Self in a noble person, and there is no less the True-Self in an ordinary person. That is exactly what the Heart Sutra described: All dharmas are marked with emptiness; they are not produced nor stopped, not defiled nor immaculate, not deficient nor complete." Henry Chang

Knowing all this, I should probably stop giving Born Again Christians such a hard time!

P.S. I passed my first grading in Wing Chun! ... not that this means I'm any good ... bit of work to do there yet!


Blogger Gareth said...

Congratulations :)

Your point about True Self is a good one, it'a also worth remebering when talking to our Christian friends, and collegues that we are all connected, nothing arises with independence existence.

There's a good article over at The Scurrilous Monk, that reminds us that these things we accuse the other of, are also a part of us.

7:51 pm


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