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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tao of Stumbling Stupidity

Do any of you lot like to use Stumble Upon? I do - I like to stay up real late and leave completely inane psychadelic nonsense comments to freak people out or amuse them or whatever.

Here are some examples of comments I have left tonight...

'someone give me a sleeping pill before I eat more cheese on toast ... really ... I'm freakin' out here .. got scabies in my brothers widget and that's not the half of it you pucker faced piece of greedo you puny little example of the biggest guy in the whole of the mall at two minutes to closing time you ...'

'flair doesnt help me to get sex it hurts my efforts. sixty seconds is plenty of time for flairing like a big red person with stupid looking fireworks for cheese on toast dont get me started bow down and beg.'

'... where's my cat? And who the hell are you - stop reading my brain! Purple feels Orange to me. Last week was Jelly (and scarabs don't like that...)'

'elephants are large grey mammals with silly looking eras. for example the 'upside down elephant' era. Or then there was the 'lets all be purple this era' era. My favourite however was the 'not eating peanuts until giraffes stop being such a bunch of long-necks' era (it got called off after about twelve years due to the incredible stubborness of the average Giraffe.)'

Of course sometimes I just like to sling abuse around, but that's a whole 'nother story. Like for instance today I left this one for (behind?)a photography website (or was it cooking - I forget - that's how enthralled I was.)

'God - I'm snoring so hard my freaking nose hurts man.'

Cos I think constructive critisicm is a good thing y'know? Besides nothing like handing out abuse that you can't get bashed up for!

Now ... go meditate or something Tao-boy/Zen-girl ...


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