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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tao of Blind Bigotry

Born Again Christians are (generally) misguided, insensitive, idiot bigots. Sorry to be slightly hypocritical here but nothing gets me hot under the collar like a bunch of stupid self-righteous fundamentalist fools flapping around in an orgy of ego-fuelled destructiveness. I mean really, read on (from the article linked to above, a Christian rant against Buddhism ...)

"...if we worship idols, burn incense to other gods, turn prayer wheels, build vain sand mandalas and prayer monuments to false deities, He has promised to curse us. This is instructive to the Tibetan people who may wonder why God has judged their nation and to us if we do not turn away from our nation's present wickedness. God is long-suffering and yet His judgments are righteous and forthcoming."

For the love of Pete! They are talking about the Tibetans here - and suggesting that their fate (at the hands of Communist China) is Divine Punishment - DUDES! I thought yours was 'The God of Love'?

Sigh ... we all have our bugbear eh? I was dragged up through a Born Again church as a kid and to be honest, they rankle me still.

In fact, fuck it, I am shortly going to publish a satirical rave I wrote a little while back about my experiences as a teenager forced to attend the torture that is the Pentacostal Youth Group each Saturday night - stay tuned!

But first I am off to my first ever Wing Chun grading - wish me luck!


Blogger Gareth said...

Good luck.

And I know what you mean about religious fanatics, or any sort...

7:54 pm

Blogger "James" said...

I share your frustration. I grew up Mormon. I think that most religious fanatics are driven by fear. They feel threatened by other religions that seem "strange" to them and so they feel that they have to curse them. Fundamentalists of any religion are dangerous. That is one of the reasons I was originally attracted to Buddhism/Taoism and the teaching of the "middle way."

Great blog by the way.

5:39 am


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