To be a Taoist means many things to many people. To be a practitioner of Contemporary Taoism simply means to have realised that we are all minute parts of an indescribably large Whole (the Tao), and to choose therefore to 'Flow Like Water' and live in a spontaneous, natural manner. This blog is about: Personal Growth / Spiritual Development as guided by the principles of Eastern Philosophy, particularly modern philosophical Taoism; Developing constructive habits and achieving success with minimal effort; Meditation - Taoist, Zen or otherwise. See 'What In Lao Tzu's Name is a Contemporary Taoist?'

Friday, April 08, 2005

Tao of Blogs

fuck computers. I just wrote the biggest post ever and thought 'gee ... i'd better save this as a draft...and then 'poof' - it all dissapears...

interestingly the new 'recover post' function did nothing to help. it just refreshed a blank page.

so, again, fuck computers to hell - I'm off to play with the dog or something... pity, it was a long and poetic piece indeed.

Ah well, such is the Tao of Blogs - whatever...

Flow on, Breath easy....everything is nothing....


Blogger Zen Unbound said...

Jeez, Calm down, Taoist.

Computers are new! Give 'em a couple more decades of evolution and they will pull your posts directly from your brain while you're napping. You won't have to do a thing! You'll be able to spend your days endlessly eating and sleeping and fornicating and eating and sleeping and fornicating while your robot plays with the dog and your magic online bank account is depositing and spending the royalties from novels you didn't even know you wrote.

So, calm down, Moose. Better days are coming ... [or not].

11:22 pm


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