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Friday, March 25, 2005

Tao of Rock Conquest!

Download my tunes here for free!

Ok here we go - the new cd is getting there fairly rapidly now (by our terms) and so I am gearing up to casually smash the industry to pieces with my rockingly good tunes.

Here's the plan.

1) I have about a hundred demos from my efforts over the years (I am 31 - been gigging since I was eighteen) - therefore I begin by giving the world a taster - to the tune of bucketloads of free demos and loads of great stories to go with it all. This all comes into fruition via - my upcoming portal site to contect my other sites and to house stuff like crazy rants and free demos (don't bother going to yet - it aint up! click above for free demos).

2) I release new CD with shmick new website v. soon. I utilise or or some such company. They rule - you can put out a CD without having to pay anything much up front - god its all so much easier than ten years ago...

3) new band starts gigging. guess all you lot in the US wont get to get too much of that action this month anyhows!

4) upload website devoted to the cool band I was in as a young lad which had quite a rocking following in its day - and subsequently put our three albums up for sale again. and tell the (crazy) story of the (crazy) times we had.

5) put together book of all my random rants and (crazy) stories. again - publish on demand - brilliant.

6) entire world totally digs my vibe and I make millions, tour the world a few times rocking the stadiums of the globe and then retire with my lady and my dog to the sub-tropics and practice Chi Gong until I die old and happy.

Beautiful! Life is too easy!

NB: I can't believe how simple it is to get your shit out there these days. We are recording our CD at our mates' house on state of the art recording software - which I am sure he didn't pay for. Then using the web you can get your shit distributed worlwide for free or via Print On Demand with no up-front costs - the customer just pays for each copy as it is needed. Frickin' brilliant!

Damn - I'm never gonna sleep tonight! To many songs to upload!

I think I need a cold shower - cos I'm just too damn HOT!!! YOW!!! HIT ME!!!!


Blogger Tim said...

Wow! Bottle some of that enthusiasm and send it my way!!!!!

7:57 am


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