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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Zen Than Tao?

Lately I have been wondering if I am so....why? Because I have found such a flow in my work, whereby my meditation is my work, and my work is pleasurable like breathing. This is surely a fairly Zen way of looking at things no?

I must recommend to all of you out there who hate their work to keep pursuing your dreams, because when your work is your play - then oneness becomes more than an intellectual concept, and living in the moment is easy.

Now, if only I can begin to generate a profit!!!


Blogger Zen Unbound said...

Mr. Antlers,

You don't need a profit -- just a beggar's bowl, a kindly smile, and a place to take a shower every once in a while. Then you will be blissful and the whole world will by your Disneyland!

A busride to Sydney will be a rollercoaster ride! A gig in Melbourne will be a cruise with Pirates of the Carribean. Teaching meditation will be as much fun as boxing a kangaroo.



9:55 am

Anonymous Ben Hourigan said...

I often feel the reverse. I started as a Zen person, but now I often feel like I prefer the teachings of the Daodejing and of the Zhuangzi to the strictures and discipline of Zen.

6:28 pm

Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

yeah I will always be Tao rather than Zen, I don't quite get all that emphasis on the sitting at the expense of stretching and exercise (we need exercise man, otherwise you hit a wall spiritually - I find anyhow. I mean how good can your mind/spirit feel if your body ain't tip-top?) However, having said that I really do enjoy the simple rejection of technique, the waiting for no-mind over the often strenuous Taoist chi visualisations. And the emphasis on health and longevity can get a bit dull - sometimes it is best just to be here now, and accept death when it comes, early or not. Oooh, I'm confusing myself, think I'll go sit and cease all this ridiculous discourse! At the end of the day - I think I am both Zen and Taoist. I get kicks out of both. I reject elements of both. Have to say 'though, I would like to get some official zen meditating experience in, I have never actually sat with a zen group, only with my Taoist master.

Oh, and I gave a meditation class tonight, and yes, CZM - it was not unlike boxing with a kangaroo!... I actually got bashed up by a kangaroo when I was kid as it happens!!!

10:58 pm


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