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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Gut Feelings

I have been thinking about efficiency of decision making. It would seem apparent that the wisest way to make decisions is also the most expedient.

Simply ask the question and listen for the first response that your body/mind gives you. End of story.

For example, today I was wondering what the most important thing for me to do today was in order to best use my time.

Straight away the answer came to me - make a list of what you need to do.

Ok - so not a groundbreaking answer - but nonetheless - correct.

Later, I was checking out a room in a community centre as I am to begin giving meditation lessons soon. I hate driving all over town and am used my lucky knack for (usually) magically stumbling across what I need straight away. But today - as soon as I walked in, I got the gut feeling that this wasn't the place, even though I had spent a good couple of hours in the heat, traffic and negotiating my way through the red tape at the local town hall to get the key (that alone took 45 minutes!). I wasn't quite sure why it wasn't the place - but I just knew I needed to look elsewhere.

No doubt the perfect location awaits me around the corner.

But for tonight - Wing Chun training!


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