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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Dwell in the Angst - Diffuse the Pain!

Meditation Notes By Raymond

Raymond uses some big old words here but the gist of what he is saying is an extremely important point. It is best to 'dwell in the Angst' - this was an extremely vital part of my self-transformation - meditating on how bad I felt. It sounds dopey but it treally works because you find yourself realising all kinds of important things about yourself, your emotions and the choices you have in terms of your reaction to events.

Personally I believe that if you feel bad - then really feel it. If you need to have a temper tantrum - then do it. Go with the Flow - don't bottle shit up - that's mightly unhealthy.

But the more we practice, the better we feel, and the less we feel the need to lose our grip on the calm centre of Universal Mind.


N.B. see also Nina's excellent Walking Meditation notes - highly tangible stuff.

By being more sensual, we find it easier to be in the moment.

Feel your feet,

Free your mind!


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